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If you’re looking for high quality and personal service; you’ve come to the right place. At Red Dirt Dawgz we’ll give you the attention and personal service you deserve when searching for a new family member. We believe that open honest breeding practice is the only way to ensure a customer will be matched with the type of dog they are looking for. Bulldogs have, and always will be inconsistent in types. And some prefer a more extreme dog with more wrinkle and less muscle while others the opposite. We will try our very best to be upfront and honest with our customer to match them with both the right type of bulldog, and the right temperament of bulldog. After all adding a bulldog is an investment in both time and finance for your family. In return we expect you to treat us in the same manner. Adding a family member/bulldog is not like buying a new pack of socks. We expect questions and correspondence that goes above and beyond a text "how much".  We do not respond to these types of request. 
We offer the best in Bulldogs with that WOW factor. Red Dirt Dawgz is the source for your families next member/bulldog. The breeding world has been bombarded with new kennels popping up every year. Modern technology has made marketing and hyping any product very easy for those that are more technologically advanced, but novices in breeding and over all dog knowledge. These kennels breed every dog they buy or produce and keep. Not all dogs will exhibit the excellence of a breeding specimen. This is not to say they may not make a great pet. But may exhibit qualities both in temperament and health that when doubled on can create nightmares. There are many things that are fine as long as they are only a carrier, but two carriers bred together will create the problems. We see breeders that do not even understand the most basic of color genetics. Much less more complicated genetic health issues. And those without understanding and experience do not even know when they are doubling on these traits. We have been more than willing and spend a great deal of time helping other breeders learn and hope to help keep some of these disasters from happening. And honestly it would probably benefit us more to spend those countless hours we spend answering phone calls, texts, emails, and private messages on marketing our own dogs. But you may be one of many that have found us from another breeder referring us to you. We get a good deal of customers this way because they know we can be trusted and have been more than willing to help them. Breeding is not about competition or marketing. It is about a life form that is desired by the public and one that adds to its family. And being a life form it is a very large responsibility to spend as much time being well informed as possible. Staying up to date on the latest research of genetics and the mutations and disease that are passed from generation to generation. We are much harder to find since we are dinosaurs in our approach and not all over every source of marketing ( you can't find us on any of them except FB). And we are rarely on there! LOL  But we let our dogs and experience do our marketing. So you can let our years of experience work for you in matching you with your incredible new family member/bulldog.

For more information please: reddirtdawgz@gmail.com
Dingus and Cube shown above are my creations and we will model our line of dogs after these AB and their type. We prefer tighter skin and less wrinkle than Dingus. But his girth and mass while having mobility is amazing!! While Cube we would add more bone. We are critical of our own dogs because this is the only way we know to make the next generation even better ensuring you get that WOW!! you are after when you purchase a dog from us. 
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