Red Dirt Dawgz
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HSB/RDD Lil' Pooter
What to say about Pooter.  Just WOW WOW WOW! comes to mind !!!! 

RDD Kowabunga AKA Turtle
This girl is a beast of a girl. Lots of substance. Straight clean girl front and back.   Huge rib cage built more like a male. She is a confident and very social girl.  Maybe to a fault.  She just won't let you pass her by without giving her some love!! 

HomeMalesFemalesFor Sale

RDD Krush
Krush is our female version of Dingus.  Straight front to back. Good rear and nice wide hip set with matching wide rear stance. NO NARROW STUFF here!!   She is an exquisite looking animal front to back. Half sister to Scratch. 
RDD Snickers 
This picture is Snickers at only 6 mths. She is from our Biggie x Cagney litter and as you can see she is already a looker at this age. Can't wait as she continues to develop and fill out while her head has just started the pop!  So good things to come there also!