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​We do not mess around when it comes to a warranty on our dogs against life threatening genetic defects or human aggressive temperaments.  First and foremost we don't use dogs to have to worry about replacing anything. We feel that although a guarantee to replace is great. This never repays a family for time invested into the initial bulldog pup.  And the heartbreak felt to have to separate them from a family or in worst case scenarios put one down.  Simply stated we do not take it lightly that someone is willing to place trust in us for their family member; and we                  betray that trust. We will always work hard to make your experience a great one.  
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Please screen shot this statement to act as a binding contract along with your medical record with proper shots and worming schedule which you will receive with your puppy. We do not stand behind lack of proper care. Parvo and other similar diseases are not genetic. 
Last update 2/28/23
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