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RDD Scratch 
Scratch will be used to add cheek, rear, hip health, and muscle to the program. This boy has a special looking  rear! Crazy muscle ! 
Phatz Domino aka Phatzy
Phatz combines Buffdogs lines and Bulky Built bulldogs monster named Keyser. We prefer a dog tighter than Keyser but there was just no denying the bone and girth of his build. He had to be added to the lines and we thank Chris Moore at Bulky Built for the opportunity to use him. 
Red Dirt Dawgz
Contact us:  405-613-0778
HomeMalesFemalesFor Sale

HSB Dingus AKA Gus
Gus blood will be used heavily in our program. He is as near to perfect as we can get for what we want.  Temperament, looks, structure,(straight front to back) huge thick rear!  This guy is just truly special! 
RDD Chocolate Thunder AKA Dawkin
Dawkin in another fine example of our productions here at RDD.  This guy will play a bing role as we try to bring in the color without sacrificing the quality. He is a blue carrier and could carry for tan points commonly called tri in the industry though this is technically incorrect. Tri-colored dogs are dogs such as fox hounds. Obviously a dog can be solid black with tan points and only be two colors.